It has been a week since I left the States…

To start, here was the view from the window after 16 hours in the air:


It is hard to describe how amazing it is to finally be here. After arriving, I tried to sleep in, but failed miserably and ended up at Te Papa, which is the national museum of New Zealand. At some point I will sort through all of the pictures and upload them for your enjoyment, but for now I will share a couple of highlights:


The World War II figures above celebrate New Zealand’s sacrifices and, although it is hard to tell, the figures are massive (at leaste 5x my size). Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Terracotta Army figures were a visiting exhibit. I have always wanted to see them, but didn’t expect it to be in NZ!

Once I settle in I plan on doing some extended posts, but this post is really just meant to break the silence. I will leave you with a view of Wellington from the Botanical Gardens (with a cricket field below):


Signing off until next time.

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