How To Use This Project

Obviously you are free to jump around as much as you want, but if you are looking to navigate intentionally, let me provide some order to the chaos with the following pointers:

  1. The material here was produced under a US Fulbright grant, therefore it was publicly funded. As a result, I am publishing it under a Creative Commons license so please click here to learn more about use restrictions.
  2. The Table of Contents is a great place to start because it provides links to each page with a brief description of what you will find.
  3. Reading the Introduction/Rationale will give you a sense of my motivations for the “completing” this project (it’s still a work in progress).
  4. Before using any of the tasks, I recommend checking out the Routines/Frameworks tab to get a sense of the guiding principles and techniques for engaging students in mathematical thought. You are obviously free to use my ideas or ignore them completely.
  5. The curricular ideas are put in the order of presentation I think makes the most sense. Therefore, a topic/task at the end probably isn’t appropriate for an introduction to The Mathematics of Human Exploration.
  6. Many of the student research tasks have a suggested sequence of questions, but aren’t meant to simply be printed and handed to students. Once again, I emphasize reading the Routines page.
  7. If you’re looking for “classroom ready” materials, I will be posting unit/lesson materials with my reflections after classroom implementation.
  8. The Conclusion/Next Steps tab will provide my own thoughts on where this project is going. If you have your own thoughts on this matter, please reach out by using the contact from on the About Me page.

Thanks for checking out these materials!