Table of Contents

This is your starting point, complete with descriptions of each page so that you don’t waste your time reading irrelevant material.

Introduction/Rationale: Get a sense of my motivations for “completing” this project with the understanding that it’s still a work in progress.

How To Use This Project: Explore my thoughts on the best way to work through this material, but also feel free to choose your own adventure.

Routines/Frameworks: Rather than simply printing materials and handing them to students, you will find the guiding frameworks and routines for effectively engaging students in mathematical thinking.

Resources: List of sources, software, and other useful material with brief descriptions.

Curricular Ideas: This is the core of The Mathematics of Human Exploration. Here you will find links to explanations of the core concepts, each with associated research sequences that students may choose to pursue. These are not ready for classroom implementation, but create a general framework.

Classroom Implementation: As I begin to implement The Mathematics of Human Exploration in the classroom, I will begin posting unit/lesson materials with my reflections. Implementation will being in late August 2021.

Conclusion/Next Steps: Although this project is far from finished, you will find some of my concluding thoughts as well as a copy of my final presentation to Fulbright NZ.